Connect Brain Vol. II

Theoretical and practical course on clinical and surgical applications of structural and functional connectivity

20 - 22 June 2019, Trento - Italy


Over the last 15 years the knowledge about the brain functional organization expe rienced new energy and remarkable advancements, as effect of technical and conceptual improvements that lead us in the connectome era. The comprehension of this intricate anatomo-functional maze and the application of the new concepts about the connectome organization to the clinico-surgical practice, are two crucial steps to tailor and improve surgical and non-surgical treatments of brain diseases. In this light, invasive and non-invasive brain mapping techniques are complementary, and not alternative, tools to explore functional organization and neural plasticity.

As never before, the integration between techniques and concepts coming from basic and clinical neurosciences should be strictly integrated to improve, reciprocally, competences and knowledges. Based on the experience of the previous edition on 2015 we designed the Connect Brain Volume II, a theorico-practical course providing an updated overview about toolsand concepts coming from neuroscientific research, and the most reliable mapping and monitoring techniques used in brain surgery.

Aims of the theoretical session are to provide:

  • A detailed and complete overview about the recent models of organization of brain functions and the structural and functional connectivity of the main networks
  • Theoretical and practical principles for the clinical application of neuroimaging (fMRI, resting-state fMRI, tractography), neuropsychological (pre-operative assessment, intraoperative tasks, follow-up) and neurophysiological (cortical and subcortical mapping and monitoring) techniques
  • Open discussions with different experts about use, experiences and reliability of the main tools for brain anatomo-functional mapping and monitoring during brain surgery

Aims of the practical session are to provide the general principles of:

  • Human white matter anatomy
  • Tractography elaboration and tracking
  • Non-invasive brain mapping with RS-fMRI

We imagined an international opportunity for facing off clinical practice and basic neurosciences, in order to improve our skills in the exploration of the brain functional processing for medical purposes. We hope you will share this belief and to meet you in Trento in June 2019.

Franco Chioffi and Silvio Sarubbo

Division of Neurosurgery, Emergency Area

“Santa Chiara” Hospital, Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari (APSS), Trento (Italy)


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